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Life is so rich that,

"Life is a joy," says Afṣar Timuçin and continues, "life is an art, for this reason it’s necessary to become skilled."
"It is not enough to exist, it is also necessary to live," said Ploutarkhos. .
How should like be lived?
Life says Timuçin, should be lived by giving meaning to life, make a sense of it, add meaning to it.
"One should dive into life with a conscious," says Timuçin and adds, "to live consciously and become conscious by living."
Is a life lived with a conscious enough by itself ?
"Life is a dream," says Timuçin… Yes, how dry life would be it would be if it was dreamless!..
To live is also taking a chance.
A life wrapped in a conscious, an individual equipped with education will call him to the boundless garden of life.
"Life calls," says Ahmet Inam.
Let our dreams flow us into science, art, life, our world and to the universe.
Let dreams flow into an individual, an individual to dreams…
Dostoyevsky said, "The world will be saved by beauty." ...

The beginning of work of each day brings us from a previous journey.

My journey started in Ukraine with a family that was nested in art. I carry music from my mother and painting from my father, Music and painting - I love them both very much and in my childhood I had a deep interest in both. The education system in my country required that I choose one of them and they selected me for music. I took my first step in piano at the age of five.
Throughout my education, I had the chance to work with very valuable teachers. After completing my education, I began to work as a piano and theater teacher.

Yes, life opens doors to a person very rich and successful in life. Life calls!..

As flowed like this, during the beginning of the year 2000, a received an invitation that changed my whole life. The HiltonSA Hotels in Turkey invited me as a piano artist. Like often means taking a chance! I now find.

My side that was filled with music that had been fed by my mother had been in the background until then; yet, my love and interest in painting never diminished in my inner world and opened an artistic door in my life. During my first day at work at Adana Hilton, I met Rahmi Çöǧendez and his RC ART Gallery. The small child in me that followed my father while he painted, that tried to copy the paintings he did suddenly awakened. The endless chats of my father with painters that came to our home came before my eyes. Rahmi Çöǧendez´s painting exhibit in 2001, "The 21st Century’s Antiques" had a tremendous effect on me. It was an opposite form of plastic arts that I had known up to that time. It was very different from our classic art of painting and I was face-to-face with a unique tongue. Paintings were now in the gallows of my interest!
With Rahmi Çöǧendez´s request, I introduced the Ukrainian artist Oleynik Gennadiy to Turkey.

However, a phone call from my father in 2009 added an extra dimension to the flow of my life. Valentin Rekunenko, a member of the National Academy of Ukraine, a childhood friend of my father, surrealist, ´painter of the world of dreams,´ the grand painter, wanted to open an exhibit in Turkey and my father had said that I could be of help. We signed off on many successful exhibits. During this period I found myself working as the person Responsible for Northern countries for RC ART Gallery. We brought in many painters from the Ukraine and Russia to Turkey: Victor Shevchenko, Anatoliy Zhuka, Anatoliy Tarabanov, Vladimir Melnyk, Arman Allakhverdiyan.....

This painting adventure that I started with great liking and will gave fruits in the end. By founding AYA GALLERY at the beginning of 2016, I began on the path of introducing new artists to Turkey in my gallery.
I believe that with music in my ears and painting with my eyes, AYA GALLERY will contribute to the world of colors with a different harmony rising the keys of the piano...

As Dostoyevsky said, "The world will be saved by beauty."

Yuliya Ergene