• Aleksey Cherkasov
    Aleksey Cherkasov
  • Anatoliy Tarabanov
    Anatoliy Tarabanov
  • Anatoliy Zhuk
    Anatoliy Zhuk
  • Arman Allahverdiyan
    Arman Allahverdiyan
  • Katerina Kaya
    Katerina Kaya
  • Marina Muratova
    Marina Muratova
  • Petr Sender
    Petr Sender
  • Valentin Rekunenko
    Valentin Rekunenko
  • Victor Dyachkov
    Victor Dyachkov
  • Victor Shevchenko
    Victor Shevchenko
  • Vladimir Trush
    Vladimir Trush
  • Vladimir Melnik
    Vladimir Melnik
Aleksey Cherkasov

Born in Kiev in 1971, Cherkasov completed his master’s degree from the costume design department of the National Academy after graduating from the Fine Arts Academy.
He continued his private studio activities until his graduation in 1996.
In 2000 he became a member of the Ukraine artists union and in 2001 he contributed to the book “Picturesque Ukraine” of national artists.
Invited to the 6th Berlin International Festival, the artist currently is under contract with galleries in Moscow and Ukraine and since 2014 work together with RC Art Gallery and Aya Gallery in Turkey.

Anatoliy Tarabanov

Anatoliy Tarabanov was born in 1953.
He started at the Zaporozhye Art School in 1969. He continued as a painter in the Dnepropetrovsk Art College in 1973.
The artists became a member in the Association of Painters in 1988.
Anatoliy has actively participated in many regional domestic as well as overseas exhibitions (Sweden and Norway).
Many of his works are in private collections in various countries (Germany, Israel, Macedonia, Poland and France).
He has been awarded by the Ukrainian Association.

Anatoliy Zhuk

Anatoly Zhuk, who was born in Ukraine in 1987, completed Te Lviv Art Academia, Department of Ceramic in 2014.Artisan, who completed his master degree at the same university in 2015, has attended group exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia since 2010. By taking part in Art Ankara Art Fair in 2015 and 2016, Zhuk has held his first exhibition in Ankara.

Artisan, who draws attention of Turkish collectors by means of his original works of art and was explored by curator Yuliya Ergene, organizes his first İstanbul Exhibition with Aya Gallery.
Arman Allahverdiyan

Arman was born in Baku on 25 August 1979.
During his childhood years he participated in a local art studio.
In later years his passion, thoughts and feelings for art evolved into a desire for external expression.
Since the 1990s he has created many works in different art forms.
Among these works urban landscape are of special significance for the artist.
His works are of bright colors that reflect an utterly different world and a series of feelings that he houses inside of him.
Arman not only reflects the real meaning of art in his works but at the same time paints in an open manner all of the elements of art and which shows a great distinctness in his field.
Always aiming for new and creative experiments, Arman explains the principle he has adapted in art with these well-known words of Salvador Dali: “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”

Katerina Kaya

Born in the town of Rudniy in northern Kazakhstan in 1984, the artist moved with her family to Siberia after the breakup of the Soviet Union and started with education in art in elementary school.
After a basic 11 year education in art, she entered the department of fine arts and design at Nizhnevartovsk State University. Finishing first at University in 2010, Katerina, in addition, was awarded with a gold medal from the department for her work.
In continuing her education, she drew attention and praise with her original works and has contributed to many exhibits.
After finishing university Katerina Kaya settled in Istanbul after her marriage and aside from her work in painting she teaches in the branch of painting on the staff of Pushkin Russian Language and Education Association in Istanbul.
As a result of the education she received at university, despite the fact that she is gifted in producing works in many branches of art from painting to statues in plastic arts to photography, painting is her indispensable passion and lifestyle.
Drawing attention with her colorist and blotchy works, Katerina Kaya makes an effort to diversify with her original pastel colors. Not limiting herself in subject matter and in the choice of technique, the artist stands out with her productivity.
Despite the fact that she has stated that the works and lives of E. Vrubel, V. Serov, K. Korovin, I. Repin, as important artists raised in the Russian geography, have had a profound effect on her path of art, the fact that her works have no known mark of these artists, the richness in her compositions and the divergence of colors are an indication of the important stages Katerina Kaya has passed through on the subject of originality despite her young age.

Marina Muratova

Marina Muratova was born in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, in 1980. She began to take the required art education classes at secondary school and at Rapin Art School which continued during her university years.
After secondary school, with the insistence of a radiophysicist father, she registered at the National Aerospace University and commenced on her system engineering education graduating in 2001. Even though she undertook career experiments in her field, her art side got the better of her, which led to her enrolment in the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts. Graduating from the Academy in 2011, Marina Muratova is known for her charcoal, water colors and oil paint works, in particular in her portrays. The artist continues her work in her Kharkiv studio.

Petr Sender

Known for his landscape paintings, was born in 1942 in the Ukraine and aside from an education in painting at the Fine Arts Academy in 1975 he also finished graphic design.
After finishing his military service in Russia during the Soviet Union period, he worked as a painter in the engineering and design department at the Communications Ministry in Kiev. He was later employed at the Kiev Museum.
Petr Sender is among the most important living landscape painters in the geography he is located. Despite today’s advances in photograph technology, he still works in nature and uses different techniques and subjects.
The basic features of his landscape paintings are:
1. Contrary to the efforts to approach reality in general landscape paintings, his paintings have the feeling of deterioration with a hidden naïve taste for a light form necessary for a painting.
2. His paintings are dominated by simplicity rather than detail.
3. It can be observed that instead of multiple colors, a few colors are selected and the paintings are fictionalized around these colors.
4. Even night paintings have a feeling of light.
5. Despite the features mentioned above, making no concessions to perspective sets him apart from other painters.
In this work which we are auctioning off, you can see all of the basic features of a Petr Sender painting that are integrated with him.
Many of his works are exhibited at the Shevchenko Museum.
In various collections in Turkmenistan, Europe and Central Asia, Petr Sender has participated in many exhibitions and activities in Turkey since 2012 and is followed by collectors with his different landscape paintings.

Valentin Rekunenko

Valentin  Rekunenko, who was born in Tokmak City of Ukraine in 1955, graduated from Ukraine DnepropetrovskFine Arts School in 1974.

He attended many group exhibitions besides he has organized exhibitions in many cities of Soviet Union, esipecially in Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg since 1978. In 1998 and 2001, the artisan, who has been member of Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1987, was invented to “Triennial Painting Exhibitions” which are organized one every three years in Kiev and Moscow. In 2005, he gave his artworks to exhibition named 45. Establishment Anniversary of Union Artist of Zaporozhye’s Foundation.

Rekunenko has artworks in many private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany and the USA and the museums in Zaporozhye and Tokmak cities of Ukraine.

Rekunenko, who is strong representative of ‘Soviet’ ecole in painting, has organized many exhibitons in our country since 2010. Rekunenko’s artworks, who attended in 2015 and 2016 ART Ankara Art Fair, are being shown to art-lovers with ART Gallery in İstanbul.

Victor Dyachkov

Born in Moscow in 1957, attended the academy of industrial design between 1977 and 1980 from which he graduated. The artist won the St. Petersburg gold brush prize in 1995.
Becoming a member of the graphic artists of UNESCO in 1997, Dyachkov has participated in many international exhibitions, Aside from individual exhibits in Tula, Russia and Germany, in 1997 a work of the artist was accepted by the Tolstoy National Museum.
In 2004 Dyachkov was elected to the Moscow national artists association and has many works located overseas.
As of 2003, he is a contractual artist at the Bilkent Sanat Sokaǧı RC Art Gallery and Aya Gallery. In 2014, one of his works was included in the (IWS) international watercolor community book.

Victor Shevchenko

Victor Shevchenko was born in Ukraine in 1950. He graduated from Kharkov Art Institute Department of Designing in 1978. He attended to many art activities as well as organized personal exhibitions in many cities in Ukraine. In oil paintings of artisan, who is member of Ukraine ‘Veselka’ Art Union, strong colur-dirt balance, that is realistic in peaceful and calm ambiance, draws the attention. In his figurative works, this peace becomes dynamic action. He wants to make the alteration visible, which is product of the life in unchanging, calm flow of the nature.

Victor Shevchenko’s artworks,which won applause in 2015 and 2016 ART Ankara Art Fair and which has been recognized by Turkish art lovers since 2011, are being shown to art-lovers with AYA Gallery in İstanbul.

Vladimir Trush

Born in June 1963 in the Chernigivskiy region of the Ukraine.
Finished the Taras Shevchenko Republic Art School in 1981.
Graduated from the Kiev State Institute of Art, Victor Shatalin Studio in 1987.
Has worked at the Kiev Creativity Union.
In 1992 he began to participate in all exhibitions that housed the Republic and Ukraine artists.
Since 2006, he has been teaching at the Department of Fine Arts of the National Pedagogic Dragomanov University.

Vladimir Melnik

The artist was born in Serpukhov, Moscow on 12 July 1969. He graduated from the M.B. Grekov Art School of Odessa State in 1984 and from the National Painting and Architecture Academy in 1990.
The artist’s name is mentioned in the 1991 Benezi World Encyclopedia.
Melnik´s works, aside from the Ukraine Ministry of Culture, ´MARS´ Modern Art Gallery Museum in Moscow, the Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum and the Raiffeizen Aval Bank special collection are also in special collections in Denmark, Germany, United States, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, China and South Africa and his works are presently exhibited in 20 different countries around the world.
Vladimir Melnik is a member of the Artists in Community International.